My name is Lucy, I’m 24 years old and I live in the UK. I’m fairly new to the NASCAR world, but I am no stranger to the world of motorsports in general. I grew up watching Formula 1, and throughout my teens, I developed a keen interest in cars and latterly, motorbikes. Through this interest, I then went on to have my eyes opened to a world that I didn’t know existed: NASCAR.

So why the blog?

Well, I have been spending a lot of time researching employment and internship opportunities with NASCAR and it is currently my long term goal to worm my way into a NASCAR-based occupation. However, getting my foot in the door to that sort of opportunity will be difficult and it left me wondering what I could do in the meantime to seem “proactive.” Naturally,  starting this blog seemed like the logical option given that I love writing/blogging and I love NASCAR.

What is the purpose of this blog?

  • This blog will not be about “me” as a person. I would like this blog to be taken seriously as an attempt at journalism. My posts will be based on race outcomes, opinions from an unbiased, journalistic point of view, commentaries on current NASCAR affairs/news, and various other things.
  • I would like to improve as a writer and gain some experience. So I’d love it if I could obtain feedback from you -the readers. What have I done well? What could I improve on? What would you like to see more of? And so on.
  • If feedback is consistently positive and I’m feeling confident in my abilities, I’d eventually like to get to a point where I can submit “articles” to online motorsport magazines.
  • Being noticed and approached by other blog owners/magazine editors etc would be incredible.
  • I’m not a NASCAR guru by any stretch of the imagination, but putting in the legwork to publish a post will hopefully improve my knowledge and understanding of the motorsport I have grown to love.
  • Whilst my target audience is primarily going to be NASCAR and motorsport fans, I’d also like to “spread the word” of NASCAR so to speak. Not many people here in the U.K. for example, have even heard of NASCAR. If I can open the eyes to just one person and inspire them to be curious enough to go away and check it out like I have done – that’ll be a huge victory.
  • In continuation of that, I’d therefore like my posts to be as accessible as possible. I am not going to assume that everyone is familiar with the terms and definitions within NASCAR. To put it another way, I’d like it to be somewhat educational – both for myself as a writer, and for you as a reader.
  • I’d like to to be enjoyable! I’d like it to be enjoyable for me to sit down, research and write, but I’d also like it to be enjoyable for my audience too! It’s a learning curve, yes, but I want it to be fun too. After all, part of the satisfaction will be knowing that people are liking what I do and perhaps even looking forward to each and every post.

I am looking forward to getting this underway. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my blog. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.